See How Oregon’s Chargeback and Bill-back Problems Turned Into a Goldmine

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The State of Oregon was facing complex setbacks that many public sector organizations are dealing with in their billing processes until BluLogix stepped in. In this case study, we detail how BluLogix cleared up Oregon’s setbacks, unearthed a goldmine of opportunity and recalibrated their monetization framework.

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See How Blulogix Boosted Oregon's Bottom Line With an All-in-one Solution

  • Automated billing processes
  • Eliminated invoice errors
  • Solved chargeback and bill-back issues
  • Accelerated invoicing
  • Improved validation and vendor payment timeliness
  • Saved thousands of man-hours
Download the Case Study

From automation and consolidation to monetization and marketplaces, experience the best-in-class, all-in-one billing platform.

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“It’s been great working with BluLogix on our project. They’ve been brilliant in making it easy to capture our thoughts and requirements.”

— Andy Morgan, Finance Director, SDL Plc